Global Entry Appeal Filed on Behalf of Client Denied Due to Customs Violation

global entry customs violationThe law office of Katherine O’Brien recently filed a Global Entry appeal on behalf of a client who was denied membership to the Global Entry program due to an agricultural customs violation. Our client’s denial letter cited this violation and denied him membership stating that our client did “not meet program eligibility requirements.”

After returning from overseas with his family, our client was stopped by a CBP Officer at the airport. The officer located beef sausages in his luggage and confiscated the food. He was later issued a Notice of Alleged Violation and was required to pay fines. The incident was one that resulted out of exhaustion from traveling and was an innocent mistake by our client and his family. After being denied Global Entry even after disclosing this incident, our client turned to the Global Entry denial lawyer of Katherine O’Brien to assist him with his appeal to the TSA.

When appealing a denial of membership for global entry it is important that it is demonstrated that the nature of the offense and the actions and character of the candidate make the candidate low risk for Global Entry. The type of incident, the amount of years incident free, as well as the professional and personal life of the candidate can help persuade the TSA to reconsider membership.

In this case, the law office of Katherine O’Brien demonstrated to the TSA that the nature of the offense suggested membership should be granted to our client.  Our client had disclosed the incident, despite the fact that he was unsure if a record of the incident existed, and the incident occurred over eight years prior to our client’s application. Additionally, it was noted that our client had did not have any subsequent violations, nor did he commit any additional violations after this customs incident.

Our office further demonstrated that the character and conduct of our client made him low risk for Global Entry membership. Providing numerous character letters, our office established that our client had never been convicted of any criminal offenses, and he was a respected member of his community. We also indicated that our client was married, had children, volunteered at his children’s school and non-profit organizations, contributed financially to many charities, and had coached his children’s soccer teams. It was also demonstrated to the TSA that our client was well educated and professionally successful.

It is also important to demonstrate to the TSA that the need of Global Entry for the applicant. Our appeal to the TSA stressed the importance of this membership for our client’s new position, which required international travel on a monthly basis. Membership for our client in the Global Entry program would enable him to have decreased travel times, and therefore would allow him to  be more productive in his profession, and give him additional time with his family.

Once the TSA responds to our appeal, our office will provide an update.

Global Entry Denial Lawyers for Customs Violations

If  you were denied Global Entry due to a customs violation and you wish to appeal the determination made by the TSA, contact the Global Entry denial lawyers at Katherine O’Brien Law today.  After understanding the basis for your denial, we will advise you on how to appeal that determination and help you decide whether or not it makes sense to appeal in your situation.  

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