Global Entry Denial Overturned on Behalf of Client Denied After Global Entry Interview

Global Entry Denial Overturned on Behalf of ClientJust recently, the Global Entry denial lawyers at Katherine O’Brien Law assisted a client who was denied Global Entry. His Global Entry denial letter indicated that his application was denied for providing “false, inaccurate, or incomplete information.” Specifically, the letter indicated that he was being denied Global Entry for “failure to provide required court documents or follow up with the GE enrollment center.”  

The client explained that his interview had taken place in April of 2017. At that interview, the officer assigned to handle his case asked our client whether he had ever been charged with any criminal offenses. Our client truthfully admitted to the officer that he had been charged with harassment, but that those charges had been dismissed in 2015. The officer thereafter asked our client to provide her with proof that the charges had in fact been dismissed.  

That same day, our client emailed the attorney who had represented him on the underlying charges and requested that she provide him with proof that the charges were dismissed. Upon receipt of the Order dismissing the harassment charges (approximately seven days later) our client immediately emailed that document the Global Entry officer who had interviewed him.  

Our client, however, never received confirmation from the officer that she received his email. He therefore sent her a couple of subsequent follow up emails. Our client, however, never did receive any responses from the officer to any his emails. Subsequently, he received the above-mentioned denial letter in June of 2017, disapproving his membership in Global Entry for “failure to provide required court documents or follow up with the GE Enrollment Center.”

Our client thereafter made several attempts to contact the Global Entry enrollment center where his interview had taken place via telephone in an attempt to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, he was unable to resolve the situation on his own.  

Frustrated at the situation and the lack of the communication, he thereafter reached out to the Global Entry appeal lawyers at Katherine O’Brien Law for assistance. Rather than submitting an appeal to the CBP Trusted Traveler Ombudsman, as directed to by the TSA, we decided to first try to resolve the matter directly with the local Enrollment Center where our client was interviewed. Depending on the nature of the denial, this approach is recommended in this cases where we believe that the TSA’s decision was based on inaccurate information.  

One major advantage of overturning a denial through the enrollment center, as opposed to appealing the denial through the ombudsman, is time. While it can take anywhere from six to nine months for the CBP Trusted Traveler Ombudsman to render a decision, Global Entry Enrollment Centers are often able to overturn denials much quicker — often in a matter of a few weeks if not days.  

It is important to keep in mind, however, that not every case is appropriately resolved through the Enrollment Center and that the majority of Global Entry appeals should be submitted to the CBP Trusted Traveler Ombudsman.  

We thereafter corresponded with the Enrollment Center and worked to resolve our client’s situation. A few weeks later our client received confirmation that his Global Entry membership had been approved and that he was able to begin using the program immediately. Our client, who travels frequently for business, was very pleased and was able to put his Global Entry membership to use that same week.  

Global Entry Denial Lawyers

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