Online Telephone Consultation Scheduling

Please click on the relevant type of matter you are inquiring about below and then use the calendar to schedule a free telephone consultation.

How Do Consultations Work?

All consultations are free and will take place via telephone. At your scheduled time, the attorney will reach out to you at the telephone number provided.  Consultations can last up to twenty minutes.

Important Information Regarding All Expungement/Sealing Consultations – Please Read!!!

Please be advised that we must include and disclose your entire criminal record when filing for expungement/sealing. This includes even dismissed offenses, out-of-state offenses, juvenile offenses, and local ordinance offenses. If we fail to disclose anything on your record, the state may object to your expungement going through.

While Katherine O’Brien Law will run complimentary searches on your criminal record during the consultation phase, you should not rely on the results of our searches as we do not always have access to your entire criminal record. For example, we cannot see out-of-state offenses, older offenses, or offenses for which your name was spelled wrong, etc. Thus, it is your responsibility to notify us if we are missing any offenses.