NJ Disposition Codes | How to Read a New Jersey Disposition

NJ disposition codesWhen a New Jersey municipal court provides you with a copy of the official court record(s) you requested, also known as the “disposition,” you may notice that certain codes are used to record the disposition in New Jersey’s Automated Complaint System (ACS). For those who are unfamiliar with this program, figuring out how to read your case disposition can be confusing. The New Jersey expungement lawyers at Katherine O’Brien Law, therefore, have created this guide to NJ disposition codes for your reference in order to help you better understand the computer disposition printout.  

Outcome and/or Plea Codes:

1 – Guilty

2 – Not Guilty

3 – Dismissed – Other

4 – Guilty but Merged

5 – Dismissed – Rule

6 – Dismissed – Lack of Prosecution

7 – Dismissed – Prosecutor’s Motion/Request of Victim

8 – Dismissed – Conditional Discharge

9 – No Bill

D – Dismissed – Prosecutorial Discretion

P – Dismissed – Plea Agreement

S – Disposed of at Superior Court (contact them for disposition)

F – Disposed of at Family Court (contact them for disposition)

M – Disposed through Mediation

W – Dismissed – False ID

Sentence Codes:

CSER – Community Service

CSSU – Community Service Suspended

COMM – Commercial Driver’s License Revocation

LREK – License Revoked

PROB – Probation

Jail – Jail Term

IDRC – Intoxicated Driver Resource Center

DLOP – Dismissed – Lack of Prosecution

DOPA – Dismissed – Plea Agreement

DIFI – Dismissed False ID

DIOT – Dismissed – Other

DIPR – Dismissed – Per Rule

DOPM – Dismissed – Prosecutorial Discretion

VACB – Vacate Balance

VACC – Vacate New Community Service

VACJ – Vacate in Lieu of Jail

VACP – Vacate Payment

CSUS – Cost Suspended

FCSU – Fines and Costs Suspended

FNAS – Fines Not Assessed

Still Need Help Understanding NJ Disposition Codes?

New Jersey dispositions can be confusing. If you still need helping understanding the NJ disposition codes contact the New Jersey expungement lawyers at Katherine O’Brien Law today for help. We can review your case disposition for free and thereafter advise you as to your expungement eligibility.  

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