Gloucester County Expungement Lawyer

Gloucester County Expungement LawyerGloucester County expungement lawyer Katherine O’Brien has been handling simple and complex expungements in the State of New Jersey throughout her entire career.  If you reside in Gloucester County, New Jersey, and wish to expunge your criminal record, give us a call today to discuss expungement eligibility or keep reading our website to find out more information about expungements in Gloucester County.

Expungement Eligibility

If you have questions about your expungement eligibility, it is always best to speak directly to an expungement attorney.  While you will find a wealth of information online regarding expungement eligibility, it is important to realize that there are exceptions to almost every rule.  In addition, expungement laws change frequently and, unfortunately, not all websites are kept up-to-date.  Thus, you should always discuss your specific circumstances with an experienced Gloucester county expungement attorney.  

At Katherine O’Brien Law, we offer Free Expungement Analysis Sessions where you can speak directly to a Gloucester county expungement lawyer who will review your record for expungement eligibility.  Simply call us at 856-832-2482 to speak with an attorney right now.  You can also fill out an Expungement Interview Form, which we will review for eligibility free of charge and then contact you to discuss your options.  

In addition, you will find many articles and resources on our website addressing expungement eligibility topics.  For example, our Expungement Eligibility Guide discusses the various factors that affect expungement eligibility.  For a visual overview of New Jersey’s expungement law, please refer to our Expungement Eligibility Chart.  

Gloucester County Expungement Process

If you have questions regarding the expungement process and/or procedure in New Jersey, please refer to our guide on How to Expunge Your Record in Gloucester County, New Jersey, and/our Expungement Process Guide.  For information about various other expungement topics, please see our New Jersey Expungement Blog.

Local Gloucester County Expungement Lawyer 

Katherine O’Brien Law is a local New Jersey law firm operating out of Gloucester County, New Jersey, not a national law firm operating from an outside state such like California or Texas.  When you retain an outside law firm to assist with your New Jersey expungement, you might not be receiving the best or the most qualified representation.  It simply doesn’t make sense to hire a law firm in California or Texas or any other state to represent you with your New Jersey expungement.  Instead, you should always aim to retain a local law firm.  

Moreover, Katherine O’Brien represents clients in every city in Gloucester County, New Jersey, including: Glassboro, Deptford Township, West Deptford Township, Greenwich Township, Mantua Township, Monroe Township, Swedesboro, Washington Township, Wenonah, Clayton East Greenwich Township, Elk Township, Franklin Township, Harrison Township, Logan Township, National Park, Newfield, Paulsboro, Pitman, South Harrison Township, Westville, Woodbury, Woodbury Heights, and Woolwich Township.

Affordable Fees!

Not only is Gloucester County expungement lawyer Katherine O’Brien experienced, but we also pledge to make expungements affordable for everyone.  Perhaps you lost a job opportunity or were denied advancement due to your criminal record – don’t let attorney fees stand in your way of career advancement.  

 Our flat rate, all-inclusive fee to handle your expungement is only $695.00.  Moreover, we offer flexible payment plans.  

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