NJ Expungement Lawyers Q & A: Out-of-State Convictions


NJ Expungement LawyersNJ expungement lawyers at Katherine O’Brien Law answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding out-of-state convictions and their affect on your New Jersey expungement.

Q.  Will my out-of-state arrest or conviction affect whether I am eligible for expungement in New Jersey?

A.  It could, which is why you must disclose any out-of-state offenses to any NJ expungement lawyers you speak with so that they can determine whether or not you are eligible for expungement in New Jersey.  The same is true for minor offenses such as municipal ordinance violations, dismissed offenses, criminal traffic offenses, and offenses that you previously had expunged.  In fact, perhaps the biggest issue in most expungement cases is the client’s failure to disclose their entire criminal record to their  expungement lawyer.  Not only could these offenses affect your eligibility for expungement in New Jersey, but if you fail to disclose them, the County Prosecutor assigned to handle your expungement will most certainly object to your expungement on the basis that you failed to disclose your entire arrest record.  This objection will result in unnecessary delays and additional charges as your attorney will have to amend and re-serve your expungement paperwork accordingly.

Q.  Are NJ expungement lawyers able to expunge a conviction from another state?

A.  No.  NJ expungement lawyers can only expunge arrests and/or convictions that took place in New Jersey.   State laws vary widely with respect to expungement.  While New Jersey allows for expungement (and, in fact, has very broad expungement laws compared to most states) not all states allow for expungement.  You would need to speak with an expungement lawyer in whichever state your arrest and/or conviction took place to discuss eligibility and the expungement procedure.  As mentioned above, however, be sure to tell any NJ expungement lawyers you speak with about any out-of-state matters.

Q.  What if I am not entirely sure of what my out-of-state background consists of?

A.  If you are unsure of what is on your criminal record, please see our Guide on How to Obtain a Copy of Your Criminal Record.  

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